MIGCA Board Meeting



Paul TenEyck, Debbie Williams-Hook, Nathan Oake, Hugh Felt, Nancy Johnson, Mark Posey,  Leon O. Brasited III, Tony Evans, Nancy Johnson, Deborah Culver  


The meeting was called to order at 9am by President Paul TenEyck

  1. Financial Report. Financials are in good standing.
  2. State of the MIGCA
    1. Pace of Play is a possible concern
      1. What can we do to encourage a better pace of play?
    2. # of girls participating is a concern
      1. What can we do as an association to increase participation?
        1. Website resources
          1. How to grow the game
          2. Middle School Letter-sample for coaches to use
          3. PD-How to run a program that encourages girls to play
  3. Winter Clinic
    1. U of M –we couldn’t get it to work out
    2. Top Golf-Auburn Hills
      1. Let’s do it in the afternoon
      2. Rochester Hills in the Morning
        1. Rules session
        2. Guest Speaker
        3. iWanamaker
  4. Website
    1. Access what we want
    2. Website needs to be faster
    3. Do we want to look at other websites as a model?
  5. Regional and Divisional Coach of the Year
    1. What improvements need to be made?
      1. Paper Vote?
      2. Online Vote?
      3. How do we determine who is a MIGCA member and who is worthy?
      4. Add it to the MHSAA Regional Packet?
    2. Do we need a Rookie COY?
    3. Distinguished COY instead of Regional COY?


  6. Coaching Responsibilities
    1. What improvements do we need to make to the tournaments, Regionals and State Finals?
      1. Possibilities…
        1. MIGCA Members per regional help organize, oversee and run regionals?
        2. Go Through Rules with Players??Player test?
        3. Hold Coaches responsible for being active at tournaments?
          1. If not active, team DQ??
  7. Survey
    1. The results of the November 2018 survey were discussed


Meeting was called to a close at 11am  by Paul TenEyck

Next meeting: TBD

Mark Posey
MIGCA Secretary


Michigan Interscholastic Golf Coaches Association