The following criteria will be used for application to the MIGCA Hall of Fame.

  1. If a coach has a minimum of twenty (20) years (not seasons) of coaching boys’ and/or girls’ golf they are eligible to apply for induction to the MIGCA Hall of Fame.


  2. If a coach does not have a minimum of twenty (20) years of coaching but has a combined thirty (30) seasons of coaching boys’ and girls' golf they are eligible to apply for induction to the MIGCA Hall of Fame.

Applications may be submitted by the coach if either of the two criteria above has been fulfilled or the application may be submitted by another individual as long as the information within the application is completed.

The following information will be reviewed by the Chairman of the Hall of Fame and submitted to the Hall of Fame Selection Committee made up of current Hall of Fame Members for consideration of each candidate:

  1. Years and number of seasons of coaching
  2. Years as a active member of the MIGCA
  3. Contributions to MIGCA; golf committees; hosting events; etc.
  4. Dual match records
  5. Tournament/Invitation record and finishes in top four
  6. League/Conference Championships
  7. Regional or District Championships
  8. State Championships and appearances
  9. Coaching Honors or Recognitions
  10. Special contributions to golf outside of high school golf
  11. Other community service activities

Each coach’s application will be kept within the eligible candidates file until they might be selected to the Hall of Fame or for a period ten years from the nomination date by the Selection Committee. Updates may be requested from the individual nominee if they are actively coaching and still considered a candidate.

For more information concerning the MIGCA Hall of Fame please contact Bob Lober, MIGCA Hall of Fame Chairman via email or phone at (231) 642-6514.