Board Roles

  1. Executive Director shall be appointed by the Executive board and will forfeit their voting rights.  This person is the Front person for the Association dealing with everyday issues that may come up. Duties should include:

    1. Be the point person for parent issues and questions for the MHSAA.

    2.  Welcoming all new members to the association.

    3.  Being able take on the position for as long as the board sees fit or Steps down

    4. Setting up meeting with committees and Executive Board.

    5. Host of the Awards Banquets

    6. Deal with complaints and send them to all board members to come with a resolution.

    7. Shall receive a stipend for duties performed of $3000 for the year starting May 1st -April 30th

  2. President-Elect shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence. The President-Elect shall be a member of all committees. Specific duties include:

    1. Serve as the All State Director and coordinate the selection process.

    2. Select the All-State selection committee members comprised of MIGCA member coaches.

    3. Shall receive a $500 annual Stipend For duties performed in the all-state selection process.

  3. President shall be a member of all Executive Board meetings Specific duties include: 

    1. Preside over the Board meetings.

    2. Set up Agenda for Board Meetings

    3.  Shall receive a $500 annual Stipend For duties performed in the all-state selection process.

  4. Past-president shall perform the duties in the selections of the academic all-state process. Specific Dues include:
    1. Collecting Grades from all of the transcripts form students submitted.

    2. Generating a report of all the Athletes that are eligible and listing who is Academic all state and Honorable mention.

    3. Shall receive a $500 annual Stipend For duties performed.

  5. The Secretary shall keep minutes and records of all meetings and committee reports, and perform all duties assigned by the president. Specific duties include:

    1. Mail congratulatory letters to all state recipients and their coach following the all-state selection. This letter includes details of making reservations for the all-state banquet.

    2. Shall post the Executive Board minutes on the Website.

    3. Maintain accurate Historical records for the organization.

    4.  Update and post pertinent information to the MIGCA website.

    5. Update social media sites: Twitter and Facebook.

    6. Shall receive a $500 annual Stipend For duties performed.

  6. Treasurer shall receive dues and other monies; maintain membership records; pay all bills and expenses of the association, keep and show an account of all receipts and purposes of funds paid out; shall keep vouchers for various items. Specific duties include:

    1. Provide a current balance at Board meetings.

    2. Report to the association membership at the annual meeting the financial status of the association.

    3. Issue membership materials upon payment of membership dues.

    4. Balance and maintain Bank and PayPal accounts.

    5. Administer annual MIGCA scholarship duties.

    6. Shall receive a $500 annual Stipend For duties performed.

  7. MHSCA State Delegate shall represent MIGCA concerns to the MHSCA, GAM and MHSAA Specific duties:

    1. Attend MHSCA meetings representing the MIGCA and issues high school golf.

    2. Present Coach of the year awards at the awards banquet.

    3. Assist the Public relations director in obtaining the information need from All State recipients and coach of the year honorees.

    4. Shall receive a $500 annual Stipend For duties performed.

  8. The Ratings Director shall research information regarding the golf programs at MIGCA member schools and establish a ranking based on the research. Specific duties include:

    1. Solicit input from coaches throughout the state who host major invitational tournaments.

    2. Post weekly updated rankings on the MIGCA website.

    3. Shall receive a $500 annual Stipend For duties performed.

  9.  The Special Events Director shall organize the Awards Banquet and organize other events as deemed necessary by the Executive board. Specific duties include:

    1. Receive and organize reservations for the all state and Hall of fame/Coaches of the Year banquets.

    2. Organize the all state and Hall of fame banquet seating and reservations

    3. Organize and distribute prizes at the spring clinic.

    4. Organize and take reservations for the spring clinic. 

    5. Solicit promotional gifts for the spring clinic.

    6. Shall receive a $500 annual Stipend For duties performed.

  10. The Public Relations Director shall inform media of all noteworthy events of the association, its members, and members golf programs, shall provide information for publication in various media. Specific Duties include:

    1. Create and publish the All-State program.

    2. Create and publish the Hall of Fame / Coach of the Year program.

    3. Organize the district and regional coach of the year selection process and post the selections on the MIGCA website.

    4. Responsible for press releases for the association.

    5. Shall receive a $500 annual Stipend For duties performed.