MIGCA Board Meeting Agenda- Nov. 2, 2:30 @ MHSAA offices

MIGCA Executive Board Meeting

February 18, 2024

Members Present: Bob Filter, Debbie Williams-Hoak, Andy Grile, Dan Cooper, Ray Hill, Hugh Felt, Mark Posey

Members Absent: Deb Culver, Kim Napieralski,

Called to Order by Bob Filter, 7:08 pm

MIGCCA Board meeting Agenda-  Sunday, February 18th

Welcome-Debbie Williams-Hoak-

President’s Report (Bob)- I Wanamaker update-Version 3 is out.  Web design is more streamlined and is running faster. Players and Coaches will need to download the new version.  iWanamaker Coaches Manual-we can post on our website.  iWanamaker video tutorials are being updated.  Consider doing a webinar on iWanamaker with our membership.

President Elect (Dan).  Dan is also now our GAM liaison. GAM is now one of our sponsors.  Coaches have a discount with GAM.  MIGCA is working on setting this up for the coaches. 

Treasurer’s Report (Andy)-
               - Budget, Overall our balance has increased over the year. 
                - Board of Directors Liability insurance renewing,

Secretary Report (Mark)
                -2020, 2021, 2022 All State Books are completed-25 copies
                            -Mail them out to the Super Team Coaches with copy for Super Team player
                -MIGCA Old Records and All State Completed-David Swartout-Publish to Website
                -All State Data-Website-Connect with Smith-update All State Nomination forms

Special Events Report ( Deb)-
               -August banquet,-August 6th and 7th at Pohl Cat,
                - Discussed the return of the All State Banquet and having a sponsor

Public Relations Report ( Ray)-
                -Facebook- Instagram accounts are more active.  Feedback has been positive
                -2023 All State Girls Booklet-getting wrapped up
                -Coaches Handbook-working on building one
                -Coaches awards-possible other awards for coaches-Community, extra recognition
                -other topics

Membership Report (Kim)-
                -Gathering Resources to interact with membership.

Academic, Coaches Awards (Hugh)-
                -Hugh working to compile list of MIGCA HOF members that can be nominated for MHSCA HOF.

Executive Director Report (Debbie)

  • Webinar offerings- RSA (March 6), GAM rules, Theresa Beckman
  • NHSGCA webinars from PGA show for the MIGCA Board Members
  • Resource pdf for coaches- Under Armour, Bushnell, Levelwear, IBKUL, Tifosi,
  • Membership cards-Would our membership benefit from them.
  • NIL-Michigan Legislature is working on NIL language
  • Boys Regionals-have been published on the MHSAA website
  • Distinguished Member-is in consideration for National Coaching awards
  • Conference liaisons- what to talk about at your conference coaches meeting.MHSCA status and their awards, membership ( I am creating packet for you).
  • Coaches allowed to rake bunkers- take care of course.
  • Code of Ethics-MHSCA guidelines
  • Scoring Integrity-Continue to educate our membership
  • Regional selection committee and Regional Liaisons-
    -Create Regional hosting criteria and then create database of tournament managers, golf courses. Goal-June 2024
  • Date of future meetings and all-State selection meeting.
    • All State Selection-June 19th- Nominations close on the 13th of June
  • Summer video-Coaches Tutorial Video

Additional items: No0ne

Meeting is adjourned at 9:21

Next MIGCA Meeting: Spring 2024