MIGCA Board Meeting


Attendance Debbie Williams-Hook, Nathan Oake, Hugh Felt, Nancy Johnson, Mark Posey,  Leon O. Braisted III, Deborah Culver , Paul TenEyk,


The meeting was called to order at 9:30 by Paul T

  1. MIGCA Executive Board Discussion on the MHSAA Golf Meeting

    (Please read the actual MHSSA Golf Meeting Notes for a complete understanding of their meeting)

    1. Cart Fee-it will be built into the Regional and State Finals costs
    2. Middle School-The MHSAA is looking for the MIGCA to host some middle school events.They could be co-ed.
    3. Regionals-
      1. Discussion on how teams are selected to their regional
      2. Discussion on having a MIGCA member be a coach liaison to help make sure regionals are organized and run correctly.
        1. The MIGCA will develop some ready-made materials for AD’s andcoaches to use .
        2. The AD’s and host coach need to do a better job of reading what the MHSAA sends(powerpoint)
      3. Discussion on host AD/coach posting results to MHSAA and MIGCA websites
      4. Rules-officials feel they could be used more at Regionals (some coaches not contacting the rules official if there is a ruling to be made)
    4. The MHSAA is updating the cart waiver policy.
    5. State Finals-Forest Akers East is staying as a girls finals course.They boys will use only Forest Akers West.Oakland and Eastern are again interested in hosting.Good reviews from the Fortress as a host course.
    6. IWanamaker(online scoring)
      1. Regionals and state finals
    7. Observers
      1. Discussed the possibility of having observers.Talked about the issues of getting enough of them and not having them over step their responsibilities.
    8. Regionals-girls will continue to use Monday.The boys can’t this year because of Memorial Day weekend. A lot of regionals utilized the Monday regional.Max 12 rule went ok and cell phones


    1. Reminder to post your scores in a timely manner so Rankings can be done
    2. This continues to be an issue
  2. Regionals
    1. The Host schools need to enter in their Regional results into the MIGCA Website.
  3. Future Membership Events
    1. Possible locations
      1. Tullymore/St. Ives
      2. The Loop
      3. Eagle Eye
    2. Should the Hall of Fame and Coach of the Year be in February?
  4. Financial Report-Nathan Oake Financials are in good standing. Working on an audit of the finances
  5. MHSCA Delegate-Hugh Felt
    1. Vendor Tab on our website
      1. Who would we allow?Cost?
    2. Resource Tab on Website
      1. Places to play
      2. Benefits
  6. 2020 Boys All-State Selection
    1. Deadline-Friday, June 14th
    2. All State Selection
      1. June 25th, Tuesday at MHSAA Office
      2. Need 20-30 coaches to attend.
  7. MHSCA
    1. Doug Mckay and Dan Skatzka  have been selected for induction into the Michigan High School Coaches Hall of Fame
    2. Leon Braisted II- 2018 National Coach of the Year –NFHS-National Federation of State High School Associations Coaches Association

Future Dates

  • 2020 Hall of Fame and Coach of the Year Banquet
  • February 23rd at Oak Pointe CC in Brighton,1pm
  • 2020 Spring Clinic at Forest Dunes (May 8th and 9th)
  • 2020 Boys All State Selection-June 25th
  • 2020 Girls All State Selection-TBD
  • 2020 All State Banquet -TBD


Meeting was called to a close at 3:00  by Leon Braisted III

Next meeting: June 25 at the All-State Selection
Mark Posey
MIGCA Secretary


Older Board Minutes

 5/12/19 MIGCA Board Meeting Minutes