MIGCA Zoom Board Meeting- Sunday, June 13th, 2021- 7pm

MIGCA Board Meeting


Attendance: Debbie Williams-Hoak, Hugh Felt, Mark Posey, Leon O. Braisted III, Bob Filter, Deborah Culver, Chris Cronin, Nathan Oake,   Absent- Paul Ten Eyck

  • Welcome
  • All State Selection
    • Zoom or in person.-MHSAA Building-
      • June 24th, 6pm
      • Debbie will send out email for volunteers
      • Super Team Selection 4pm (Hall of Fame and Executive Board)
  • All State Banquet-December 12th, 2021
    • Girls 2020?
      • Are we going to invite them to our 2021 Banquet?-NO
    • Boys 2021 and Girls 2021
  • Clinic
    • Deadline-
    • Registration Form-
      • Paper-Deb Culver will collect them
      • Online Form-Create it.-Bob Filter
    • Online Payment-Paypal or Square
    • Raffle items are needed
    • Clinic Seminars
      • Vision 54
      • Rules meeting-MHSAA
      • iWanamaker-Doyle Zoom call
        • Use the App for our golf Events-Bob Filter
      • Speaker-Diversity-Inclusion-Equality
      • Mental Health
      • Seminar-Hall of Fame coaches
      • Clinic-Treetop Range
      • Golf Fitness-Debbie Williams-Hoak

As we go forward, we need to continue to keep the ball rolling on the below special projects. 

  • Conference Liaisons- Debbie, DEB
  • SWOT Analysis-Chris
  • Coaches Corner Resources- Hugh
  • Help Tutorials- Mark (Done)
  • Golf Drills-Tony (part of Coach’s Resources)
  • Liability Insurance- Debbie, Nathan
  • 501C3 Status- Debbie, Nathan
  • New Coaches Handbook- Dan
  • Policy regarding death of members and families-DEB, LEON


Additional Board Meeting Topics

Meeting was Adjourned at 8:12

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