MIGCA Agenda BOD Meeting- February 26, 2023

Present-Debbie Williams-Hoak, Deb Culver, Nathan Oake, Hugh Felt, Leon Braisted III, Bob Filter, Mark Posey

Meeting Called to Order: 7pm

  • Welcome
  • Update on Awards-Mark
    1. 2020 All State Book-is being finalized
    2. 2021 All State Book is being finalized
    3. 2022 All State Book is being finalized
    4. 2022/23 Hall of Fame/Coach of the Year
  • Review of the survey results
    1. MIGCA Survey from November 2022
      1. 193 Coaches Responded
      2. Do you favor the current MHSAA Regional Process-
        1. 60.6% are in favor of the process
        2. 39.4 said they are not in favor of the process
      3. Would you like to see other options(like iWanamaker rankings) considered for MHSAA Regional Tournament Assignments
        1. 63.2% said yes
        2. 36.8 said no
      4. Is your school having any issues gaining access to golf courses or practice facilities during the season?
        1. 67.4% NO
        2. 32.6% Yes
      5. Are you in favor of cell phones for tournament use-
        1. 83% Yes,
        2. 17% No
      6. Lots of individual comments and suggestions
  • Evaluation of Iwanamaker use for All State Selection, Tweaks to Doyle- Mark/Bob
    1. A lot of positive comments on using the iWanamaker data.
    2. There were a few mistakes in putting the data together but it was fixed as the end.
    3. Send out more emails and notifications
    4. Attesting to Scores after the round needs to be improved-Too many events did not have scores attested or rounds closed at the end of the tournament
  • IWanamaker-changes to attesting-players have the ability to change attested scores.
  • Review of MHSAA Golf Meeting
    1. School approved coaches- requirement at States that coaches are on team roster.
    2. Continued promotion of rules education for coaches
    3. Golf course availability
    4. Limited outside competitions discussion-
    5. Players must play in 4 events prior to MHSAA tournament. Going to rep council


  • Regional Seedings Task Force
    1. MHSAA putting this together to look at the issue
  • August 1, 2 COTY, HOF location.Buck’s Run- Mt. Pleasant, Bedford Valley??? Clinic, Seminars?
    1. For the coty/hof, we are down to either Tullymore or Bucks Run.  We are shooting for August 1 and 2nd.  Decision will be announced within the next two weeks.  We will have some education opportunities as well.
  • PAT opportunities for State Finals players from PGA and LPGA
  • GAM Sponsorship-They would like to partnership with MIGCA-sponsorship and money
    1. GAM would like to have us forward 6-7 communications to our members.
    2. GAM would like to enhance partnership with coordination of special events (Rules clinics), financial support, reduced GAM Membership for Coaches, etc.
    3. In return, they would like to be able to reach coaches with mmeessaging and help with promoting their youth on course.Details are being finalized.
  • DEI initiatives- We are working on adding some language to our mission statement and inform our coaches about DEI.
  • Be Nice- continue to promote
  • By Laws Update- in process- any changes or additions to what we previously discussed.
  • MHSCA Questionnaire- MHSCA conducted a survey of all the associations to put together a “Best Practices handbook

Additional Topics-None

Meeting Adjourned: 9:05


MIGCA Dates for 2023


               June      All State Nomination Deadline June 16th

               June       All State Selection-TBD

               August 2023       - MIGCA Clinic August 1-2

                              Location TBA

               August 1st-Possible MIGCA Board Meeting



As we go forward, we need to continue to keep the ball rolling on the below special projects. 

  • Conference Liaisons- Debbie, DEB
  • SWOT Analysis-Chris
  • Coaches Corner Resources- Hugh
  • Help Tutorials- Mark (Done)
  • Golf Drills-Tony (part of Coach’s Resources)
  • Liability Insurance- Debbie, Nathan
  • 501C3 Status- Debbie, Nathan
  • New Coaches Handbook- Debbie/Mark
  • Policy regarding death of members and families-DEB, LEON


Additional Board Meeting Topics

Meeting was Adjourned at 9pm

Next Meeting-TBD
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