MIGCA Board Meeting Agenda- Nov. 2, 2:30 @ MHSAA offices

Board Members Present-Debbie Williams-Hoak, Dan Cooper, Bob Filter, Kim Napieralski, Ray Hill, Mark Posey, Absent: Deb Culver,  Andy Grile, Hugh Felt

Meeting Opened at 2:32

  • EIN update
    • Started the process of getting an EIN # from the Federal Gov’t.This will allow us to be a fully functional NonProfit and update bank information.
  • 1099 review
    • Stipends over $600 require an organization to file 1099
    • Motion - Beginning this year the MIGCA will file 1099’s for Board members making more than $600, 2nd
  • LARA (Licensing and Regulating Affairs) update
    • Updated our filing with LARA to reflect the current Board Members
  • 501c3 status update
    • Ready to go once we get our EIN # from the Federal Gov’t
    • Easy to do tax wise if we stay under $50,000 in cash holdings
  • Current budget
    • It shows where we are at with our Finances.
    • Working on breaking the budget down to understand where we are with our budget.
  • February Clinic
    • February 17th, Saturday, Lasch Family Golf Center, 9am to 4pm, 1 hour for lunch,
    • Casey and his assistant will do a session-D1 College Coach, Chad-Teaching Pro
    • Clinic Gift,-Hat, folder, etc.-Miller Golf Sales, Notepad, Pens
    • Working on the number of Max people-
    • What topics does the board want to cover?(45-50 min sessions)
    • Membership Table-


  • August event
    • Bucks Run, Tues and Wed, 6th and 7th of August-Facilities are available, No golf on Wednesday at Bucks Run, Checking on if Pohl Cat can accommodate golf for Wednesday,


  • MHSAA Golf Meeting- Nov. 29th- Topics to be discussed.(Regional and State protocols, 2 outside event limit, regional assignments, ????)
    • Regional and State Protocol
    • Regional Assignments Task Force
    • Consistency with Regionals and State Finals Protocols
    • Regional Liaisons-helping with Regionals
    • 2 Event Limit-Outside of the MHSAA Season,


  • All State Selections-
    • How can we help to avoid missed nominations?
    • Communicating with Conference Liaisons
  • Potential All State players that weren’t nominated- list- contact coach and AD.
  • Iwanamaker $ distribution
    • iWanamaker-sent the MHSAA a % of the total sales.
    • What is happening with that money?
  • Website
    • Developer-Create a new website.
  • Membership Drive
    • Reaching out to Members and NonMembers
  • Divisional COTY and Overall COTY
    • Discussed the Divisional and Overall COTY ballots.


Additional topics if time.


Meeting adjourned at 3:58

Next Board Meeting-January 2024