MIGCA Board Meeting-January 30, 2022-7pm

MIGCA Board Meeting


Attendance: Debbie Williams-Hoak, , Mark Posey, Bob Filter, Deborah Culver, Chris Cronin, Paul Ten Eyck, Nathan Oake,

Absent- Hugh Felt, Leon O. Braisted III


  • Welcome
  • Approval of September 26th Board Meeting Minutes
    • Bob motion to approve, Deb-2nd,-Minutes approved
  • Super Team, State Championships, Miss Golf, Mr. Golf award presentations
    • Board Members have been out and about
  • Highest Honors
    • It has been great to work with.Lots of positive comments and a quick turnaround.
  • Awards book
    • Working on creating the 2021 Boys and Girls All State Book
      • Mr. and Mrs. Golf, Super Team
      • Post electronic copy on Website
    • 2021 Girls COY Book-being worked on-trying to get bios of coaches
    • Motion by Bob, 2nd Paul to create and print book-Approved
  • Girls Season results- both MIGCA & I Wanamaker (Board educate coaches)
    • Stay with MIGCA Website and iWanamker for All State Selection
      • Coaches will continue to enter in tournaments into the MIGCA website
      • Add a Nominate button to iWanamaker
      • Make sure coaches know why we are doing both and how important it is to have the correct data.The MIGCA board will revisit this in the 2022 Summer.
  • IWanamaker update
    • Continue to use iWanamaker for events
    • Possibly add nomination button for All State Selection.
  • MHSAA Golf Meeting Minutes- changes effective with girl’s season.
    • Players Return to Golf Course-follow spectator guidelines
    • State Finals include coaches cart
    • Allow 2 coaches for each team to be actively involved in coaching-Fall 2022
  • Coaches Insurance/ BOD insurance- cost.Vote on approval
    • Cover insurance for the MIGCA Board-decisions, event, ~$800
    • Motion by Bob, 2nd, Motion passed.
  • 501C-3 status discussion/vote on approval.
    • $450, Discussion on what it means.
    • Decided to gather more information and possibly talk to a CPA
  • Coaches’ clinic- February
    • Decided not to do it.
  • Coaches event- Treetops- August, clinic options?
    • August- (Tuesday and Wednesday)
    • o-No Meet and Greet,
    • Tuesday-Lunch, Threetops, Hall of Fame/COY-evening
    • Wednesday-10 tee times
  • ByLaws update
    • Work in progress of updating them, trying to get finalized in writing in the proper language and ready for our August Meeting.
  • BeNice update
    • Training Program to be coming certified and become the association’s liaison
  • Member vote on extended terms due to covid update
    • Approved it, It needs to go out to our membership
  • MHSCA HOF nominations- Bob Lober
    • Gary Buchholz, Central Montcalm High School         
      Mike Joseph, Hartland High School
      Kim Napieralski, Grand Rapid Catholic Central High School        
      Mark Olsen, White Pigeon High Schools
  • Rules zoom meeting
    • Working with Cody
  • Ray Hill offering
    • Offered to create post for Mr. and Mrs. Golf, Super Team
  • Membership update, corrections
    • We are always working to keep our membership list up to date and to advocate for getting more coaches to join the MIGCA
    • Attempting to get our dues payment process more streamlined.Making it easier for multiple coach discount.
  • Coach of the Year voting discussion
    • Discussion on how to make it a better process.


MIGCA Dates for 2021-22


               June      All State Nomination Deadline

               June       All State Selection

               August 2022       - MIGCA Clinic August 2-3

                              Tuesday-Clinic in AM, Treetops in PM, Hall of Fame/COY in Evening

                              Wednesday-Golf in AM

               August 1st-Possible MIGCA Board Meeting



As we go forward, we need to continue to keep the ball rolling on the below special projects. 

  • Conference Liaisons- Debbie, DEB
  • SWOT Analysis-Chris
  • Coaches Corner Resources- Hugh
  • Help Tutorials- Mark (Done)
  • Golf Drills-Tony (part of Coach’s Resources)
  • Liability Insurance- Debbie, Nathan
  • 501C3 Status- Debbie, Nathan
  • New Coaches Handbook- Debbie/Mark
  • Policy regarding death of members and families-DEB, LEON


Additional Board Meeting Topics

Meeting was Adjourned at 9pm

Next Meeting-TBD

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