MIGCA Board Meeting

(Zoom Conference Call) 

MIGCA Zoom Board Meeting- Sunday, August 9th    8pm

MIGCA Board Meeting


Attendance: Debbie Williams-Hoak, Nathan Oake, Hugh Felt, Mark Posey, Leon O. Braisted III, Deborah Culver, Chris Cronin, Paul Ten Eyck, Dan Picot   Absent- Deborah Culver


  • Welcome- Congrats Chris and Deb

    Coaches are continuing to look for guidance- we are a big part of that info sharing.

  • Start of the season priorities- emphasize positive. One chance to get it right.
    • Tee Times, no group activities, online scoring, limited range and putting greens,
  • MHSAA Golf Specific Guidelines
  • Board members at tournaments- make sure Covid protocols are followed
  • Liability issues- MHSAA
    • Following CDC, and state Guidelines as long as we as coaches follow the guidelines.
  • Scoring- Cody is going to be sending something out next week-iWanamaker, Golf Genius, Birdie Fire
  • Cody needs to set the direction on Masks, rakes, cups, etc.
    • Rakes- move ball without penalty if in footprint or ball impression?
    • Cup-what happens when the ball hits the noodle and pops out.
  • 72 player limit- origin-came from the governor, options-morning and afternoon waves
  • 5 somes- Paul (even as a team and the coach follows to keep score)
  • Topic of Regionals/ States.This continues to be on the back burner. Goal of MHSAA is to get through first couple weeks of season and go from there.
  • What do we have to be concerned with to ensure consistency in regards to All State Selections.
  • Board Liability Insurance- lawsuit liability.Approximately $800/year.-Look into the options and price things out.


    Non Profit Discussion:

  • Association paperwork?Do we file tax return each year?Do we pay fee to State each year?
    • Michigan Nonprofit Organization
    • Let’s look into getting help with an accountant.
  • EIN #
  • IRS-501C3 Status- do we want to apply for it?
  • $600 stipend at top end of required 1099 form to be given.

    MIGCA Misc. Topics

  • Special Events Director Status-Appointed position, we are accepting applications
  • Name tags- Deb and Debbie
  • Bushnell Range Finders-sheet is available
  • Sizes of board members for MIGCA clothing
  • Google doc open task list
  • Email or text response expectations

The following topics I wanted to just get on your radar.  I will send out more info about some of them in the coming weeks and we can discuss them in greater detail at our next meeting. I would like next meeting after we get a couple weeks of the season in.

  • New Coaches Handbook
  • Any additions/changes to By Laws- start list
  • Policy regarding death of members, families, etc.
  • Coaches Corner Resources
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) of MIGCA
  • Update on Conference Liaisons
  • Academic All State for Boys
  • All State Selections process with social distancing/group restrictions.What might this look like?
  • Sub Committees?Many projects to work on.
  • Rankings

Additional Topics

  • Help Page on website
  • Coaches Corner Resources-----Sponsors/benefit page.
  • Email-check email address, coaches, phone numbers, remove old coaches, etc.


Next Board Meeting:

August 23rd, 7pm (Zoom meeting) to discuss the progress of the season.

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