MIGCA Board Meeting

(Zoom Conference Call)


May 12th, 2020

Attendance Debbie Williams-Hook, Mark Posey, Leon O. Braisted III, Deborah Culver, Paul Ten Eyck, Tony Evans, Dan Picot (Absent- Nancy Johnson, Nathan Oake, Nancy Johnson, Hugh Felt)


The meeting was called to order at 7am by Paul T

  1.  General Comments
    1. Zooming again.
  2. Elections

Nominations-They are coming in.  Only received 2

-Question-Can a board member run for 2 positions?  What if they get elected to both?  Would the name go on both positions?

Friday is the last day.-May 15th.  We will resend the email again.

How to Vote-Google Form


3.      Website

-We had a Ransom ware attack.  No personal or financial information was taken. 

-We have been busy getting the website back up working and replacing the content


4.      MIGCA Communications

-We are working on getting our emails out to all members

-Going to try gmail account-see if it gets to everyone.

-Nomination request, board minutes from last 2 meetings, Ransom ware information


5.      Coach Resource page

Would our members appreciate a product and junior golf page?

Product page-Should we create one? Would we charge?  If so, what would be charge?  Would we send emails to our members publicizing the different companies?

Would our coaches appreciate a page that has golf resources?

            Cobra/Puma, Sixron, Bushnell, and other club/clothes/golf suppliers

Club manufacturers

Junior Golf programs page

Create a separate one

Teaching professionals looking for lessons

What can we provide for free and what should we charge for?


6.      General Election Meeting

-May 26th, at 7pm. 

Stream our Zoom meeting to Youtube. 

Give our members the youtube link so they can watch.

Allow our members to type in questions in the youtube comment section during an open comment time.

            Mark will read them to the board.


Welcome, Financial Report, MIGCA Business-fall season, 2020 Elections, Boys Academic All State

-Ask Cody Ingles to talk about the state of high school golf-Invite him

-Liaisons -talk about our vision for them


7.      Academic All State

-honor the boys in the Winter of 2020

-Nominations are due after schools return (November) -We will set the date at a later time


8.      Other Topics

Discussed splitting the All State Banquet

Girls December

Boys in June


Future Dates

       Spring Elections-

o   Nominations Due May 15th

o   Voting- May 17th to May 24th

       2020 MIGCA Spring Business Meeting-May 26th, Time-TBD

o   Agenda


         Financial Report

         Other items to be determined. 

       2020 Girls All State Selection-TBD

       2020 All State Banquet -December 13th, Eagle Eye


Meeting was called to a close at 8:00  by Paul

Next meeting: May 20th, 2020 at 7pm
Mark Posey
MIGCA Secretary


May 5th, 2020 Executive Board Minutes

February 2020 Executive Board Minutes (Phone Conference)

December 2019 Executive Board Minutes