2020 Academic Individual


  1. ONLY SENIORS are eligible.
  2. A minimum of TWO YEARS on the high school golf team.
  3. Nominees who have competed in less than half of the team's competitive varsity events this year will only be considered if they have competed in a significant number of varsity events in previous seasons.
  4. 2020 Update---GPA only this year. 
    Honorable mention 3.75-3.94
    All-State 3.85 and above
  5. Must include a TRANSCRIPT for the first 6 semesters (through the junior year).


Address and/or fax to send transcripts:

Academic All-State
c/o Hugh Felt
1693 E.Commerce St.
Milford,MI 48381
Email: hugh.felt@hvs.org
Fax: 248-684-8295