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It is a sincere goal of the MIGCA All-State Selection Committee to select and honor the "complete and deserving golfer". Although golf scores and tournament finishes are an important part of the All-State selection process, honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, and behavior off the golf course are also considered during the selection of the MIGCA All-State Teams.

The use of tobacco, alcohol, or other illegal substances or behavior unbecoming an athlete during or after school hours could disqualify the athlete from nomination by his/her coach, or consideration by the MIGCA All-State Selection Committee.

MIGCA has always strived to adhere to this code of conduct and it is important for the nominating coach to consider these characteristics when nominating a player.

Academic All-State (Individual)

  1. ONLY SENIORS are eligible.
  2. A minimum of TWO YEARS on the high school golf team.
  3. Nominees who have competed in less than half of the team's competitive varsity events this year will only be considered if they have competed in a significant number of varsity events in previous seasons.
  4. 2020-21 Update---GPA only this year.
    Honorable mention 3.75-3.84
    All-State 3.85 and above
  5. Must include a TRANSCRIPT for the first 6 semesters (through the junior year).

The selection committee takes into account the students grade point average. The Boys are selected in June and Girls are selected in October.

Academic All-State (Team)

  1. Five members from the same team who each competed in the Regional tournament.
  2. Minimum combined GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. (GPAs will autmatically be calculated.)
  3. Players with all A's receive bonus points according to their grade level (i.e. 10th graders receive 4.05, 11th graders receive 4.10, and 12th graders 4.15).
  4. The five individual transcripts must be mailed and confirmed as received to verify grade point averages. 8th grade transcripts will be used for freshmen girls.

    Address and/or fax to send transcripts

    Academic All-State Nominations
    c/o Hugh Felt
    1693 E.Commerce St.
    Milford,MI 48381
    Email: hugh.felt@hvs.org
    Fax: 248-684-8295